Enterprise Drones is revolutionizing the cleaning industry by introducing drone-based high-altitude cleaning services. These drones are equipped with a dedicated pump system and a 600-liter tank capable of delivering up to 200 bar pressure at heights of 100 meters, and lower pressure up to 200 meters.

This innovative approach to cleaning was previously restricted, but with the necessary permissions now in place, a myriad of applications have opened up, including the cleaning of solar panels and windows.

Moreover, successful tests have been conducted using these drones for firefighting with foam. Collaborations for further tests with fire departments and civil protection units are on the horizon.

Efficiency and Economy

Using drones for cleaning hard-to-reach areas proves to be far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods like scaffolding or scissor lifts. In some cases, such as with the Antwerp Courthouse, traditional methods are insufficient.

Safety First

At higher altitudes, human involvement always carries the risk of falls. This risk is completely eliminated with drone usage. The operator controls the drone from the ground, guided by a camera on the drone for necessary feedback.

Versatile Applications

The spray drone is versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications:

– Moss removal from roofs
– Window cleaning with osmotic water
– Roof and gutter cleaning
– Facade cleaning
– Low-pressure cleaning of solar panels
– Graffiti removal
– Firefighting with foam

This technological advancement in cleaning, especially for challenging locations, marks a significant step forward, combining safety, efficiency, and environmental considerations.