CZI LP12 – Searchlight – Speaker DJI M30

Original price was: €1,652.00.Current price is: €1,260.00. exkl. MwSt.

LP12 is a searchlight and integrated payload specifically designed for the DJI Matrice 30 drone model. With its streamlined design, it pushes the boundaries of product performance, taking into account the characteristic appearance and effectively reduces wind resistance and improves flight duration. The LP12 is czi’s most efficient lighting and broadcasting product to date, combining the imaging optics of the Gimbal Light series with the long-distance LRAD broadcast technology of the Mega Phone series, extremely lightweight and small in size. Weighing only 270g, it has an effective illumination distance of up to 100m and an effective transmission distance of 200m, which can meet the operational needs of security patrol and outdoor search and rescue scenarios. The LP12 is deeply integrated with the DJI Pilot, allowing quick access to all broadcast and lighting functions, making it easier to operate.

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