This is how you can apply for the C1 label for the Mavic 3

This is how you can apply for the C1 label for the Mavic 3

Time needed:  10 minutes.

You have to go through the following steps to get your C1 label for the DJI Mavic 3.

  1. Update DJI Fly app and Mavic 3 firmware

First you need to update your DJI Fly app and Mavic 3 firmware. The DJI Fly app must be updated to at least version 1.9.0 . Firmware version 01.00.0900 or higher is required for the Mavic 3.

2. Start the C1 label application

After the updates, a popup should appear in the DJI Fly app with a reference to applying for the C1 label. If the popup does not appear, or if you accidentally pressed it, you can also use the service page to apply (Fly App start page -> Profile -> Customer Service (icon top right) -> C1 Class Identification Label)

3. Order the C1 label

Now simply fill out the existing form with your address and confirm the whole thing. This is necessary so that the C1 label can be sent to you. It only becomes effective if you attach the official label to the drone. You will have to prove the attachment later. Shipping is by post without a tracking number and may take a few days.

4. Attach C1 label

Once you have received the C1 label, you must attach it to the drone along with two other stickers as described. Just follow the DJI instructions included in the letter.

5. Confirm the C1 label with a photo

In order to confirm that you have met the requirements – i.e. that you have also attached the C1 label you received to the drone – you must provide 3 photos of this (all three stickers on the drone described in the instructions).
You can submit the photo via the DJI Fly App (Fly App home page -> Profile > Customer Service (icon top right) -> C1 Class Identification Label -> Call up the current application -> tap on the case number)

6. Download the C1 certificate and take it with you

As soon as your photos have been checked, you will receive the official C1 certificate as a PDF file. The EU drone regulation stipulates that you always carry this certificate with you. It serves as proof that your drone can be flown according to the specifications of the C1 drone class.

Finished! You have now successfully upgraded your DJI Mavic 3 to a C1 compliant drone and can reap the benefits. All details can be found in the article on the EU drone classes linked above. The linked article provides further information on the EU drone regulation .